What a House Plan Includes

A house plan includes the information required to construct a building. A building plan is a unique blueprint, and it varies depending on the designer. Here are some of the things included in a house plan.

Foundation Plan

A foundation plan’s look depends on the chosen design, and it shows the general foundation intent. A foundation can be a slab, a full basement, crawlspace, or a walk-out basement. It delineates the bearing walls’ location. These are the walls that support the entire structure. Also, the foundation plan identifies the location of structural elements like steel placement, footings.

Floor Plan

A floor plan shows the blueprints’ layout, an overview of every floor of a completed house. The floor plan shows parallel lines scaling at the width of every wall. A designer draws the floor dimensions between walls to specify the wall lengths and room sizes. Other structural elements that a floor plan can include are water heaters, sinks, and furnaces. It also shows the location of windows and doors.

Roof Plan

The roof plan describes all elements of the roof, such as the schematics of the valleys and peaks and the spacing notation. The roof plan can also include the roof surface slopes, roofing material notations, and chimney locations.

Exterior Elevations

An elevation is a non-perspective view of a house. Exterior elevations are drawn to the scale to make taking measurements of different aspects easy. They specify the final grade positioning, ridge heights, roof pitches, exterior finishes, and other details that create the architectural styling. A plan can include a rear, front, or both elevations’ sides.  

A house plan can also include the building cross sections, electrical layout, interior elevations and details, front perspective, and miscellaneous information. Nevertheless, the information contained in a house plan may vary depending on the designer.

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